Saturday's Song of the Week

In my short career as an amateur triathlete, I have met many athletes of many different experience levels. I rarely get discouraged by the training aspect of triathlons, but some of the personalities of the triathletes I have met has really frustrated me (and to use some French, pissed me off). Obviously, its not true of everyone, but a good many of them are what my hubby refers to as Type A personalities. I call them intentionally helpful, but accidentally ignorant. They say there is only one sure fire way to do everything and you, yes you, must do everything exactly as they do it or you will never succeed as a triathlete. You must eat certain things. You must train a certain way. You must fit the triathlete physique. I know they are only trying to help others experience the same success that they have, but they chronically forget that there isn't always one way to do something. They forget or don't realize that what works for them doesn't always work for others. And a lot of the "advice" that I have gotten is just regurgitated information from some "get better now" company, and they know nothing about it other than "I must wear compression socks to run 4 minute miles". Initially, I was taking all the advice I could get as a newbie, but now I'm just getting sick and tired of being told what to do. Half of the stuff you are telling me to do doesn't work (scientifically proven) and the other half doesn't work for me (I can't eat a pizza in the middle of a marathon).

So I dedicate the song of the week to all of you Type A triathletes. I like this song because Sara Bareilles is an amazing pianist, and the video is pretty awesome too. I like how the broke the video up into smaller parts so you are watching a couple different things at once. The lyrics state exactly how I feel...

"You've got opinions, man
We're all entitle to 'em
But I never asked...
You sound so innocent
All full of good intent
Swear you know best...
Who died and made you king of anything?"


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