Weekend Recap

Going into the weekend, I wasn't expecting it to be much (other than the royal wedding). Man did that change.

First, I LOVED the wedding. If I watched another (ie. Harry's), I probably wouldn't get up as early to see the guests arriving. I don't regret doing it the first time, but its kind of a one and done kinda thing for me. It was interesting see the ceremony that is the arrival of the royals. Kate's dress was gorgeous. It was royal and elegant, without being overdone. I liked how well it looked against the red walls of the palace.

My favorite moment of the wedding was this (probably not anyone else's favorite moment, but I thought it was cute).

My scones came out amazing. I was kinda disappointed because they got chewy and stale by the afternoon (still tasted good), but my co-workers still enjoyed them. My nieces are coming to visit in three weeks for my graduation, and my one niece wants me to make them again for her. I'll probably try to experiment by adding some mix-ins.

The weekend ended with some of the most talked about news. As I was about to get ready for bed, my husband's cousin tweeted that the President was about to make an announcement about an unknown topic. We speculated that it was something about Libya, or possibly something domestic like the economy. When it was announced that it was an international issue that was NOT Libya, we had no idea what it could be. Before it even started to leak out what the true topic was, Ben said, "They killed Bin Laden. It has to be that. What else would it be? They wouldn't make a top secret announcement on Sunday night if it wasn't important."

As happy as I am that he is dead, I don't think we are anywhere near seeing the end of terrorism. Al Qaeda is such a huge organization, that killing one person hardly makes a dent. Sure, he is the name and face of Al Qaeda, and he was the man that started it all, but I think his death will only fan the flames that much more. I am glad, though, that those who lost loved ones in 9/11 can finally have some kind of closure.

I am flying down to Florida next Thursday to visit my parents. It should be interesting to see what security will be like. It will only be 1 1/2weeks after Bin Laden's death and I will be flying out of Logan airport which is where the two flights that crashed into the WTC's departed from. I'm only assuming that means extra security. Anyways, I have plans for a spa day with my mom, as well as a 5K and some much needed beach time. Can't wait!


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