More Gifts and Western Wednesday

Monday was a crazy gift receiving day. I finally got my BU cycling kit. Ok, so I paid for that, but it felt like a gift after waiting for it for so long. We then had our going away picnic for seniors and graduating GA's. I received a watch from the athletic training department and a picture of the senior class from the senior class.

I was going to test drive it today with a 30mi ride,
but the weatherman was wrong and its pouring rain
instead of being sunshiney.

And as if I did not get enough swag from the Frozen Four, I got even more.

Hoodie (made out of Under Armor type material)

Sweatshirt blanket

I did struggle just a little bit trying to walk home with all of that.

And finally, last night I complete my one and only final for the semester, marking the end of my graduate school career and my school career in general (at least for now, but I don't plan on going back). I'm so excited. When you're in high school, it feels like this moment will never get here. It is so weird too, because I don't remember what life is like without school. The last time I didn't have to go to school was before pre-school. Although, I think I'm going to adjust just fine.

Western Wednesday:


Barb said...

Congrats on finishing your grad program! I'm sure you will adjust just fine to not having school :)

Colleen said...

Great stuff! :) I love the bike gear!

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