Weekend WrapUp

Not only was this past weekend Memorial Day in America, but it was also hubby's birthday weekend in the Berry household.

Friday night was spent in suspense. A lot of suspense. And nerves. And then deja vu (insert thingies over vowels here). We spent the night at home watching Game 7 of the Bruins series (to avoid a possible re-encounter with zombies). I really wanted to see the Bruins win. There is something about being in the same town as one of the Stanley Cup finalist that seems really intriguing and exciting to me. For all you newbie followers, I was in London and Paris for the last games of the World Cup last July. The atmosphere surrounding the World Cup games in Europe is just something else. Nothing in America can compare to it. Parisians were so excited for the final game and their country wasn't even playing. I'm hoping that the Stanley Cup finals in Boston will be at least half as exciting. Seeing them celebrating on the ice after the game reminded me of my recent trip to the National Championship game. Man, its been quite the year for this sports fanatic.

Saturday was Ben's birthday. We started the day by going on a 42 mile bike ride. The we spent the day shopping and went to dinner at Cheesecake Factory and had lots of noms like cheesecake (double nom).

Sunday was a much needed day off from working out. Although, by day off, I don't think they meant spend hours walking around and shopping at the outlet mall. We don't normally shop this much, but I needed replacements for the heels I broke pre-commencement and I am attending a professional conference at the end of the month and I have a serious lack of business casual clothing. Actually, I have tons of polos and khakis, but the polos are school logo-d and I wanted something plain for the conference. I also needed some nice button up shirts in case of interview.

Yesterday, we went with the team on a bike ride and swim. Well, actually, thanks to my monthly gift and my anemia, my legs were absolutely dead, so I really struggled to keep up on the bike. I excused myself from swimming by saying that I didn't feel well. In reality, I found a secluded area where I just sat and cried out of frustration until the team returned. The moodiness even led to an argument with Ben. Definitely not the best start to the day. We got cleaned up and went to the beach to relax. There's nothing like the warmth of the sun, the softness of the sand, and the coolness of the waves (although, you could argue that the waves were more icy than cool) to just wash the stress and edginess away. I wish I could live closer to the beach. Right now, we're about a 20 minute drive away and we're possibly moving even further away. I feel like life would be a lot more relaxing lived on the beach. We came home and made hot dogs (for Ben), brats (for me), and fruit salad for dinner.

Now, its back to being a lonely housewife. Still no news on the "getting a job" front other than I applied to Adrian College in Michigan this weekend. It is only about a 40 minute drive from Ben's parents' house (how does that translate to minutes biking?). Ben's uncle and aunt graduated from Adrian and his uncle even played football with the current Athletic Director there. The position would be with the men's ice hockey team who also happened to lose in the National Championship game this year too. Hmm...

Back to cleaning for me.

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Ali said...

I was in a field in Scotland for the World Cup final, and it's fair to say not a single Scot was bothered about the outcome! I agree with you, though, in Europe football is such a big thing that everyone gets into it, it's like the continental sport, and while you guys have a few sports that raise national interest (baseball, basketball, american football) the only big one over here is football, so everyone gets into it. Rugby and Cricket are very distant seconds!

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