And Then There Were None

Tomorrow marks a very important mile stone in my family. My brother, my youngest sibling, thus the last one to go to college, is being left in the Middle-Of-Nowhere, Kansas to begin his college career. His plans currently are to study meteorology in hopes of becoming a storm chaser. And then there's something about Rock Chalk. I don't know, but when I was his age, it was called sidewalk chalk. Kids these days...

I attempted to make myself feel better (about having to start school again myself, not about my youngest sibling starting college...I'm not old enough to feel old...yet) by telling myself that I'll be finishing college just as my brother starts. I'm finally almost done. I'm going to be the first one in my family to be done with school forever. Just when I felt like I had sufficiently inflated my ego, I realized I was wrong. My sister, if everything goes according to plan, will graduate two weeks before me. Also, when you really think about it, the joke is on me. I may be wrapping up my college career in 2010, but it will have taken me six years (4 undergrad, 2 grad) to get there, whereas it will take my sister five years, and my brother four (again, if he doesn't change his major (or school) a couple times first).

I guess its just that much more motivating to finish this year and finish strong. I wonder how my parents are holding up...






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