Rest of Timberman Weekend & Knee Update

I thought my Timberman post was running a bit long, and I wanted it to be primarily about the race, so I omitted Sunday post-race and Monday. After the race on Sunday, we went back to the hotel to drop off the bikes and to change into dry and not smelly clothes. We then headed over to Gunstock for the post-race dinner provided  by the race organization for an additional cost. Ben had a steak and a hot dog. I had lobster with mussels and steamers. I also had the drink that I have been craving for so long, a glass of Guinness. It tasted so sweet. It was well worth every one of 70.3miles. Shortly after, Ben and I went back to Sawyer's for more ice cream and then headed home for an early night to bed.

Monday morning, we woke up early after a restless night. I'm not sure if it was the excitement of the day or the soreness of our legs, but neither one of us could sleep. We went to a diner called Cravings for breakfast. We obviously weren't the only triathletes with a huge breakfast in mind. The diner was packed and it was clear that about 90% of the people there had done the race the day before. I had a really delicious and unique breakfast dish called "Pig Pile". It was home fries and a biscuit topped with a sausage patty, an egg, and gravy. After breakfast, we went to another outlet mall, more specifically to visit the Pearl Izumi outlet store. We also went to the Christmas Loft in North Conway. They had a huge variety of Christmas decorations in addition to a cheesy, yet fun Christmas scene which included talking cows and trees and a nativity scene complete with giant rooster.

The annoying talking cow

The rooster looks like its eyeing up Jesus for his next meal

After eating lunch, we headed back home to Boston as Ben and I both had classes we had to go to.

I have an update on my knee. I visited an orthopedic doctor today who specializes in knees and shoulders. He thinks that I may have a patellar stress fracture. I need to get an MRI next week to verify it, but at least if it is a stress fracture, I won't likely need surgery. That was what I was really worried about. He told me to not run in the mean time, which were my plans anyways now that Timberman is over, but that I could continue to bike and swim if I wanted to. Although, even when it comes to swimming and biking, I'm still taking some time off.


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