This Ain't Sea World, It's As Real As It Gets

This past Wednesday was my third favorite day of the year, behind Christmas and my birthday (March 28 so you can start saving up now). Each year at work, we receive a new supply of clothes. We may not get paid much, but they definitely take care of us when it comes to clothes. Even as an undergrad student, we estimated that the net worth of our clothes our first year was about $500, with an additional $100 to $150 more each year after. Now that I am certified, I get even more as I get not only my athletic training gear, but also clothes from the hockey team. Last year from athletic training, I received a winter coat, spring jacket, three short sleeve polos, three long sleeve polos and a winter cap (all Nike branded). From the hockey team, I received Asics tennis shoes, two hooded sweatshirts, a jacket and two t-shirts (one of the t-shirts and hooded sweatshirts were Hockey East championship gear).

Now, presenting the 2010-2011 athletic training gear...
My giant, giant (giant) sweat outfit

Nike Dri-fits

The annual (which is a synonym for stereotypical) polos

We thought we would be working with collegiate athletes,
but instead, they handed us these and told us we would
be working with the Deadliest Catch crew.

The approximate cost of all of this year's gear, so far, is between $400 and $450.

Last night, I went out for dinner and drinks with some of my coworkers. It goes without saying that athletic training is a far, far different job than any other. One of the things that makes it different, and its a good difference, is the family-like relationship that develops. Most people view their coworkers as just that, people that you see at work everyday. Athletic training is such a small and close knit profession, its hard not to feel like you are just part of a huge family. Plus, it is such a challenging and stressing job that it is nice to know that there are others who are going through the same thing and are more than happy to help you get through it. We are each other's biggest cheerleaders, while also being each other's tear-downers. Then again, what's the point of family if you can't pick on them? Like my dad always says, "We pick on the ones we love."


Derek said...

Awesome gear! Love the quote at the end, its so true. Good luck next weekend

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