The "I" Word

Its only four days after our first HIM. There are still lingering aches and pains. I still don't have an official diagnosis on my knee. I don't even have an MRI scheduled yet (hope they call me back soon). We don't have many triathlons planned for next year as I don't know where I will be working and when. We have a few we would like to do which includes the Patriot Half Ironman. Through all this, Benny insists on bringing up the "I" word and "next year" in the same sentence.

Don't get me wrong, I would like to do one, one day. And if its next year, I can, and would be willing to train for it. However, the memories of Sunday are still too fresh to even comprehend the "I" word so soon. And with so many uncertainties going into next year, I would be hard pressed to put down that much money for it.

Benny did some research, albeit quickly, and came up with the Revolution 3 series in Sandusky, OH. It cost the same as an "I" race, but because it doesn't contain the "I" word *phew*, the September 2010 race hasn't sold out yet, so we have time to consider it if we want to do it next year.

Currently, my plans are to take two weeks completely off from training. After two weeks, I have a week of optional workouts that I'll do if I have time and feel good enough to do them. I am refraining from all running for a minimum of three weeks, if not longer pending MRI results. At the end of three weeks, I'm starting off season training (plus or minus running...I may take a fourth week off of running if the MRI results are negative just because it can't hurt). I'm looking at a winter maintenance program from Beginner Triathlete for athletes who have completed at least one Olympic distance triathlon this past season. They didn't have one for those who have done a HIM, but this is good enough. I don't want to reinjure myself, or get burn out. I am going to chop it down to five days per week instead of six, at least for the first couple of weeks. It is a 20 week program.

After that begins the 20 week HIM program for the Patriot Half. Then maybe...the "I" word...


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