Romeo, Romeo, Where For Art Thou Romeo

Last night was class #2 of my acting class. It consisted of more acting without words, but now it was more about facial expression and body language. We started the class with a long game of "Zip, Zap, Zop" (long because it took FOREVER before the first person got knocked out...once one went down, the rest went quickly). Then we sat in a circle and practiced memorization. The first person would say, "I'm going to California and I'm going to bring..." and they would list one item. The second person would say what the first person is bringing plus what they are bringing. It continued like this until there was about 40 items/people going on a trip (guess who's bringing the Jersey Shore cast?).

Next, we did a scene improv skit. A person would get up and go to the front of the class and would act, without words, like they were in a certain scene. Once the class figured out where they were, or thought they knew, they would go up into the scene one at a time and continue to act it out. It was pretty funny as some of the scenes were mistaken for something else (one girl was pretending to sit on a park bench, but the class thought she was sitting on a the park became a public restroom).

Finally, we were each given a piece of paper with a scenario written on it. When our turn comes up, we would have to go to the front of the class, use any props we wanted, and act out the scene for one minute, without words. The class would then try to figure out what we were acting out. My scenario was to pretend like I am waiting in a hospital waiting room to see a friend dying of cancer. As I have had two close family members die of cancer recently, it was really easy to feel and portray the emotions of someone who is possibly seeing a friend for the last time, especially due to this terrible disease.

It was definitely the best class to date. Unfortunately, we don't have class the next two Mondays, so I have a long time to wait for the next one.


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