i-own i-an i-touch

Over the past couple of weeks, Ben has been participating in a "Walking" Challenge through work. This "Walking" challenge consisted of tallying up all of the miles you walk each week, in addition to how many miles you ran, biked, swam, crawled, etc. At the beginning of the challenge, they were told that the winner would receive an i-thing (yet to be determined). Benny had speculations that ranged from i-pod shuffle to i-pad. Whenever he brought up the i-pad, I had to bring him down softly and tell him not to get his hopes up. He's been wanting i-everything since, well, for forever. I keep telling him there are products that are just as good, and a lot cheaper, that aren't preceded by "i". But he has openly admitted that the only reason why he really wants them is because of the Apple label. Yes, Apple owns my husband. But when this challenge arose, I saw this as an opportunity for him to get more i-things without wasting our money.

Turned out, after eight (or was it nine?) grueling weeks of "walking" (which would have been grueling anyways due to Timberman training), Benny prevailed and walked (this time literally) away with an i-touch.

I've been saving up my money (rather, my MyPoints to redeem for money) to buy an i-pod. I already have a great MP3 player that I won in a City Says contest (like Simon Says, but the DJ's name was City) at a Columbus Crew game (Benny cheated, so its sweet sweet justice that I won). It still works really well, but it won't let me put any new songs on it now, even though I have plenty of space left. After being subjected to listening to the same 200 songs over and over again for a couple of months, I figured this must be a sign to conform and get an i-pod nano.

Now, after winning his challenge, Benny has an i-pod nano, i-touch, Google's Nexus One, and immunity going into tonight's elimination. Being the kind, generous person he is, he told me I could have his i-pod. This baffled me as the i-touch and Google Nexus One are essentially the same thing, but with two small differences. The first is that the Nexus One is a phone and the i-touch isn't. The second is that the i-touch was made by Apple and the Nexus One wasn't. I didn't need phone capabilities as I already have one that I just got less than a year ago, but I would like the ability to download app[etizer]s and play games during class...and by that I mean check my email. After much persuading, I finally talked him into giving me the i-touch instead (and no, that was not a sexual innuendo).

I haven't used it very much yet, but I like it so far. The only thing I don't like about it is that all the songs on it are Benny's, and I can only listen to so much a cappella before I fall asleep walking to work ("so much" averages about 8.3 seconds).

Next mission, download songs on i-tunes.


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