One Week and One Day...

Here is a quick recap of what I have been doing to train the past couple of days. Thursday, I rode for 20 miles, dropped off my back at home, and then went for a 7 mile run. Yesterday was a scheduled day off, so guess what I did? Nothing! Today, we were scheduled to ride for 40 miles, but due to fatigue, a blown spoke on Ben's bike, and general not feeling like doing anything, it was shortened to a 20 mile ride and we added on a mile open water swim (the more time I can get in my wetsuit, the better).

Unfortunately, training the past couple days hasn't been all sunshine and roses and cotton candy. I had been having a general ache in my left knee for the past couple of weeks that is slightly worsened by running (so I have been running drastically shorter distances by stopping when it starts hurting). On Thursday, I had planned to run 7 miles, but was only expecting to get 2 to 3 miles out of my knee. Surprisingly, I was able to finish the run no problem, but finishing the run was the end to my lack of problems. As I walked home, my knee finally started hurting, and by the time I climbed up the stairs to our apartment, it was excruciating, worse than it has ever been. As if the pain wasn't bad enough, it was crunching so loud that it sounded like someone eating a Rice Krispies bar. I took it relatively easy for the rest of the night by going out for dinner and drinks with friends. Yesterday morning, it was still pretty bad, but fortunately, I didn't have to work, so I spent yesterday nursing it. When Ben came home, we re-evaluated the crunch level. There was enough crunch to keep cereal companies in business for years, so we made the decision to call the doctor. My appointment is set for Wednesday morning, so I am hoping for the best. Regardless of what the doctor says, I am competing in, and more importantly, finishing Timberman. I can take or leave the Cranberry Olympic triathlon a week later, although, I would much prefer to take it. Fortunately, August 29 marks the end to our triathlon season, so there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Even knee pain and crunchiness aside, Ben and I both decided that we are both mentally tired of training and can't wait to be done with the season. Don't take that the wrong way, we are both still uber excited about Timberman, but we're equally excited about the day after Cranberry. Knowing me, I will be bored of the offseason about a week later, but I'll have to find another means to channel my energy just so I'm not sick of triathloning before the start of next season. I think a little cross training will do me and my knee well anyways.

This morning, my knee pain had gone down significantly and the Rice Krispies had gotten slightly soggy. My knee held up well during the swim and felt slightly stiff at the beginning of the bike, but loosened up as we went on. Looks like I am subjected to swimming and biking until the race to keep my knee in check. Being a good runner, I'm not too concerned about having to walk every once in a while in the race, but more than likely, the adrenaline will keep me from noticing it in the first place.

One week and one day...


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