Weekend Recap

As I stated before, I will be updating every so often on my day to day tasks pertaining to my job. Recently, not a lot has been going on. Last week, we welcomed the new graduate assistant athletic trainers. Between last week and this week, they are participating in various orientation sessions and the athletic trainers that do not have obligations to their teams are required to attend and help out with the sessions. My team doesn't start practice until September, so I have been helping with orientation.

In addition to the orientation sessions, I have begun to start preparing for the upcoming season. In my opinion, the worst time of the year is the pre-season and post-season as there is a lot of paperwork and loose ends to tie. The pre-season consists of making sure all of the necessary medical paperwork is submitted by the student athletes, setting up times for the student athletes to take a baseline Impact test (this is a cognitive test that helps in determining presence and severity of a concussion in comparison to the baseline test), figuring out anything that the team needs for the season (such as coordinating ordering of energy bars and Muscle Milk with the strength and conditioning coach), and any other loose ends that can and do come up.

As far as triathlon training, Ben and I spent Saturday scoping out the Timberman swim and bike course. We didn't actually go swimming (except to test the water temperature), but we did bike 12.5 miles of the bike course. It would have been more except that we had already bike 11 miles the wrong way and our entire bike was through the hilliest part of the area. We did drive the rest of the bike course to get a good idea of the lay of the land. The first and last part of the course was really hilly, but the rest was generally flat. I just have to survive the bike within the time allowed (which shouldn't be beyond reach if I don't have yet another technical difficulty...hopefully, I have them all out of my system). I just need to remember to trust my training, talent and endurance to get me through this race. This is what I have been working towards since December. I can't wait to see all of my efforts turn into success.

Following our reconnaissance mission, we stopped in Nashua, NH on the way home to attend a fundraiser for my cousin's charity, Cure With Hope. It was at a pottery studio where you pick out a piece of pottery and paint it. All of the studio fee from each person goes to the charity which then goes to the oncology ward of Children's Hospital of Dartmouth. After the fundraiser, Ben and I went to dinner with my aunt, uncle and cousin. It is nice to have family only an hour away. When I was in Ohio, my closest family were my parents in Wisconsin, eight hours away. That changed when I started dating Ben as his family was only a three hour drive away, but that still makes for a lot of driving if you just visit for the day. My aunt, uncle and cousin have lived in Nashua for around 18 years, and until now, did not have any family nearby, so I think they like seeing us and much, if not more, than we like seeing them.


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