Weekend Highlights

This last weekend was pretty uneventful. The hubby and I are now less than a week out from the Patriot Half Ironman, so we spent the past weekend tapering and relaxing at home. It has been in the 50's here in Boston (yes, its mid-June here too), so it hasn't been warm enough to do much outside.

I don't know if I ever said it here, but when we move away from Boston and buy me a car, I want to get a Mini Cooper. As of this past weekend, I had not driven one yet. We do have a Zip Car membership, so we rented a Mini Cooper for a couple of hours so I can drive it and see if I still like it. Of course, now I just love it even more.

The Mini I designed for myself on the Mini Cooper website

On Sunday, I did some last minute shopping for the conference that I am attending early next week. Actually, I had a $25 Gap gift card and $25 left over from graduation presents, so I went shopping at the Gap Outlet. I got a pair of black dress pants for the conference and a black pencil skirt for fun.

Now, I just need to find a top to wear with the skirt.

Toss Up Tuesday:


Colleen said...

My mother in law has a mini and it's so fun to drive! :)

Cute clothes... I need to hit up to Gap outlet!

Rachelle said...

I loved it, although, I can't tell you how long it took us to figure out how to turn it on. Its the first time I ever had to use a manual to figure out how to start a car.

Oh, and I saved $30 by going to the Outlet instead of the regular store. I love outlets.

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