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Celebrities spend a good deal of their time away from home, so finding a hotel that feels like home is of utmost importance. Quality of hotels vary from cheap motels, more often used for drug deals and prostitution than family vacations...

...to the fanciest of the fancy (ie celebrity/you worthy).
I personally do a lot of traveling for both work and leisure. I really look forward to that moment when I first open the door to my room. I'm pretty sure I get excessively excited, like a child opening a present at Christmas. What am I going to get? What will it look like? Will the bathroom be nice? One king bed or two queens? Will the beds be comfy? Will there be a fridge or microwave? What will the view be like?

I know its a little ridiculous. When I travel for leisure, either my hubby or I booked the room. Either way, we specified that we want one king and we picked out the hotel and room type. We even look at reviews and pictures of the hotel and its rooms to know what we are getting into ahead of time. Despite all of this, I still wait in eager anticipation when I put the key in the door for the first time. You never know when something exciting will happen like getting a smoking room when you asked for non...
Happened when we went to Vegas this January
Getting two queens when you asked for a king...
We have a tough time deciding which bed to sleep in
But its funny that you never accidentally get a better room.

Working as an athletic trainer for an ice hockey team, we do a lot of traveling. Thus, I am spending the night at a hotel at least once every other weekend during the season. Now, that I have been with the team two years, I have stayed at some of the same hotels multiple times. Or if we are traveling somewhere new, we usually stay at the same hotel chains (Hilton and Marriott). Either way, I know what to expect, but I get excited nonetheless. I also wonder who my roommate will be, even though its the same person every time. I keep thinking that maybe one day, they'll decide to throw a curve ball and mix it up a bit.
Frozen Four Hotel Room Door Decor
 I have stayed at many different hotels during my lifetime, and have been able to narrow down my favorite chains to two. One of them is the DoubleTree hotel chain. The hubby always gives me grief for my reason why, but I think a lot of people will agree with me. It is owned by the Hilton company so it is a Hilton quality hotel, but the winning feature is the warm cookies.

Me on a recent visit to a DoubleTree Hotel
My other favorite hotel chain is the Westin. I like sleeping in fluffy, cushy goodness, like it would feel to sleep in a cloud. The Westin beds and blankets epitomize cloud sleeping. I honestly have not had better sleep than when I slept in a Westin bed. It is one of the more expensive hotels, and the hubby values firmness over "cloudiness" when it comes to beds, so we don't stay there often. I feel like it is worth the money. Who needs sleeping meds when there is the Westin?
THE Cloud
Before I wrap up this post with some personal pictures of other nice hotels I have stayed at, what do you look for in a hotel? What are some nice or unique hotels that you have stayed at and what made them so?
Cute London hotel bathroom

London again

Tea time at London hotel

View from Paris hotel

Our elegant Parisian room

View from Mirage in Vegas

Also from Mirage

George in our hot tub in New York, New York (hotel in Vegas)
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