Oh, Canada...

I don't frequently check to see how many hits my blog is getting, because frankly, I don't get that many. There will be five here, ten there, and a really slow Sunday of one, but nothing too substantial. I'm not sure what it was, but all of a sudden, I had a huge spike in hits yesterday. Can you guess how many?

No, not 20. Higher than that...

Nope, higher than 30...

Even higher than 40...

Yup, I had 52 new posts!

I am still in blogger shock. I may need an AED, but I'm working with the paper bag right now. That is, not the kind of paper bag that comes equipped with a 40 of beer, but rather the hyperventilatory kind, but I might drink a beer later depending on how the game goes.

As I was trying to determine the root reason for the sudden influx in viewership, I started by looking at where all of these readers were coming from. I have a few observations. First, between 2/3rds and 3/4ths of the readers were from the Great White North (aka Canada). Interesting. More specifically, of the Canadians, about half were from British Columbia. I think the Canucks fans are on to me.

Yup, definitely on to me

Fist Pump Friday:
Well, to wrap up "what the team listens to in the locker room" week, is a song that was popular last season ('09-'10). At the same time, its funny considering the topic of today's blog post. 


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