Sports Moments That Have Made Me Cry (For Better or Worse)

5. Last summer's World Cup pitted the US vs. Algeria in the round robin round. The US needed to win to advance to the elimination round. A tie or a loss would mean they would not advance. The game was going into stoppage time (in other words, it was almost over) with the game tied.

So much American pride!

4. When my girls lost the National Championship game this year. We had such a great season and not a whole lot to show for it (lost the Beanpot and our conference tournament), so we were really hoping to bring home a National Championship trophy. The locker room after the game was so quiet and emotional. The seniors gave farewell and "Thanks for helping us get here...Thanks for the experience" speeches, making it even more emotional. It was hard on me as well as it was my last year with the team too. There is no doubt in my mind that they will be competing for a National Championship again next year.

3. Last year, we were the underdogs in our conference tournament. We managed to make it to the championship game, only to face UConn, an opponent whom we not only lost every game to this season, but they weren't even close. It was also a must win game for us if we wanted to make it into the NCAA tournament.

Going into OT, the girls kept saying, "We're so tired. We just want this game to be over early. If we're going to lose, we just want it to be over already instead of dragging it out. But if we're going to win, we want to score early." The goal happened so fast that the coaches and I just turned at looked at each other like, "What? We won?". The whole experience was*no words*

2. Speaking of *no words*, I'm near tears every time I see this commercial. I think its because I feel I can really relate. I know what its like being a fan and seeing a team win and the excitement you get from that, but being a part of a team that wins is completely different. You have so much time, work and emotions invested in the team, and to see it all pay off gives you an emotion that just so hard to put into words.

1. And who doesn't cry whenever they see this...

I still get all nervous and excited whenever I watch the movie, even though I know what's going to happen. Again, another sports moment filled with so much American pride.

Sorry, this was really hockey based. I'm just a huge hockey fan, and its hard for me to not be proud and supportive of my girls.

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Ali said...

I come from family who love football (soccer), and we're almost all Liverpool fans. The Champion's League final in 2005 is probably the only time I've really, properly sobbed at a football match! I didn't cry when we went 3-0 down, because it was almost expected - we were a pretty poor team (given the standard of the competition) playing the best team in the world at the time. However, I'm pretty sure I cried from the minute it went to 3-3 until the minute we won on penalties!

The next year, when we came back from 3-1 in the FA Cup, I wasn't half as impressed. That's just how we win, y'know ;)

Other than that, I only really cry at the sob stories related to victories/losses. If someone's come back from a horrific injury/dedicates the game to a family member, I'm immediately in tears!

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