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As I said before, Celine Dion's "All Coming Back To Me Now" was a popular song with the team this year. They would sing it before games, after games, during games. The rendition that I will remember the most was when they sang it after our National Championship game loss. The coaches even got video of it and replayed it at the annual banquet. Everyone is red-eyed by that point and still crying, and yet they are singing it with just as much emotion and passion as they always do.

Scott Weighart, author of "Burn The Boats", wrote an article for Scarlet Daily Digest (a section of the website) about the team and the song. You can read it in its entirety here, but here are a few excerpts.

Senior captain, Holly Lorms, on why Celine Dion:

 Celine speaks to us. She's French-Canadian, and we have a couple of French-Canadians on our team. They brought it into the mix, and it caught on pretty quick. You don't play the song often--it's probably not on your iPod too often--but for whatever reason everyone knows the words. You start singing it, and you belt it, and you're terrible at singing... It just makes us laugh. Every time it comes on, we know it's us singing it and no other team can share that.
Later in the article:
For years to come, the Terrier women will hear that ballad on soft rock stations and think of a historic season, singing, "It's all coming back to me now." 
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