Première Premiere (First Premier)

Tonight, the hubby and I will be going to some TV show premiere party that he was invited to. We're not sure what its all about or how we even got invited in the first place. Its something to the tune of there is a new SciFi TV show that is premiering tonight. So to celebrate the premiere, there are I believe four cities around the country that are having premiere parties, including Boston. It is being held in this upscale nightclub looking place in downtown. One of the actors or actresses from the show will be at the party. Then following the party, they'll obviously be watching the premiere of the show. I'm still deliberating on what I should wear. We're also unsure at this point how long we will stick around (Game 3 starts at 8!!!). I keep telling the hubby that I want to go to more events like this, whether it be for charity or premieres (although, I never thought we would actually be invited to one). And then it dawned on me while I was in the shower today that they call those people socialites. And the word socialite usually comes with a negative connotation like "Paris Hilton" or "Kim Kardashian". It sounds silly because I'm for the most part a tom boy, but I love getting "glammed" up and I love going to parties or events. That's my real reason for wanting to go. Plus, maybe we'll meet some new peeps there, just in time for us to move away from Boston :( . Oh well. Hopefully, wherever we move to next will be close enough to a big city for us to attend these kind of functions.

Can't wait to let you all know how it goes tomorrow!

Mellow Monday:
I'm doing a "hockey" theme this week, using songs that are frequently used in the BU women's ice hockey locker room. Cue Celine...(borderline mellow)


Barb said...

I love getting "glammed" up too! Most people who see me while shooting sports say they do not recognize me all dressed up. Kind of funny & sad at the same time :)

Rachelle said...

I think its what separates girls from guys. We can wear make up, do up our hair, wear fancy dresses, etc. I think guys are really limited in their "glam" up options.

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