Nola Day 3

Some pictures I forgot to post yesterday...

View of the Mississippi River from the River Walk

Finally, the day of my first interview. I had intended to get a workout in that morning at the hotel gym, but when I woke up, I was exhausted. I figured I would rather be well rested for my interview than get a workout in. Of course, then I rolled over and only fell asleep for another 15 minutes. Grrr...

My plan was to get dressed for the interview, go to a talk in the morning, grab some lunch at the convention center and then go to the interview. I had walked all the way over to the convention center only to realize I had forgotten my badge. So I ended up sorta getting a workout in, a 2 mile walk in the same hot conditions, but this time in a suit. I decided that instead of dealing with the heat again, I would just stick around the hotel until closer to the interview. I changed back into street clothes to allow my suit to dry. In the mean time, I went for a walk down Royal St. and went into a bunch of boutique and antique shops. I found this really cute millinery called Fleur de Paris. Now I really want a fascinator. At the end of my walk, I stopped at Cafe du Monde and got some more beignets (<-- addict) before heading back to the hotel to get ready for the interview.

The interview went well. It was a two part interview. I felt the first part I was a little shaky on. I guess I had to shake off some of the rust after not having done an interview in 2 1/2 years. They also asked one of the questions a couple of times over, so I wasn't sure if my answer wasn't clear or "right". I think that was the part that threw me off the most.

I was hungry after the interview, so I grabbed a small bowl of gumbo afterwards. Aly met up with me at the dining area and we went to listen to Archie Manning give the keynote speech. Yes, you thought right. He is Peyton and Eli's dad. You know you're young and naive when you have no clue who Archie Manning is beyond Peyton and Eli's dad. I had gone to one other keynote speech at a past national athletic training conference. The other speaker obviously had no clue what athletic trainers were as she kept referring to what we do as personal training. She thought we were all about giving people workouts and keeping them in shape. Not quite. Archie Manning is a former NFL player himself, so at least he knew what an athletic trainer was through that. But in addition, he also did his research and quoted things from NATA's website about what an athletic trainer is. Wouldn't it be nice if everyone did their research? It doesn't take longer than 5 minutes to even get the general idea of something. Plus you look smarter if you can say "Well this study/site says..." opposed to "I think this...". *stepping off my soapbox*

That night, Aly and I went to Buckeye Bash which is a party for Ohio State alumni and friends. It was nice seeing old friends again and meeting new ones. It was also nice to have more free drinks and food. I tried a mint julep for the first time. I have been really wanting to try one, but I'm not a huge fan of whiskey. I figured while its free is a good time to try one. Worst case scenario, I don't like it and I'm not out any money. The verdict is that I enjoyed it, but I probably won't get it all the time. Its one of those drinks you would really have to be in the mood for. It is strong in every way. It contains mint, whiskey/bourbon, and sugar (or a simple syrup). It was very minty, very alcoholic, and very sweet. It is definitely more of a sipping drink, than a "I'm going to drink a bunch of these and get smashed" kinda drink. Not that I get drunk ever ;)

The appetizers were pretty much your standard cheese and crackers. They did have some pulled pork sliders, but there was only enough for everyone to have one. So afterwards, Aly and I grabbed some dinner and went back to the hotel. She wanted to go out to Bourbon Street. I was tired, but I was gonna go until she said, "I want to go, but I want to hang out in the hotel and rest an hour or so". This was at 11PM. I said, "Ok, but I can't promise I'll still want to go in an hour. I'm already exhausted." She was fine with that, so we turned the TV on. Before I knew it, she was fast asleep, so I turned the TV off and went to bed myself. A couple minutes later, Aly rolls over and says, "So does this mean you're not going out anymore tonight?" Me: "Yup. Too tired." Aly: "Ok" and rolls over and falls back to sleep. I'm not even going to begin to fool myself into thinking that you can honestly take a one hour nap at 11PM without just sleeping the whole night.

Note: I have more pictures, but my picture uploading tool is not working. I hope to have them posted tomorrow.

Western Wednesday:
I heard this oldie, but goodie on the radio yesterday.


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