New Orleans Day 1

Thanks so much for all of your support. I think I'm finally starting to feel better about it. I ran 9 miles on Saturday, so it felt good to be training again and I think that is helping as well.

My computer has been having battery problems, so the battery was about to die before I could talk about my nutrition for the race. Here's just a quick run down as I would much rather talk New Orleans (obvi!):

Bagel with PB 3hr before, 20oz Gatorade 1hr before (was supposed to be 30min before, but then the race kept getting pushed back)

Honey Stinger waffle

2 20oz bottles of Gatorade
2 20oz bottles of Heed
1/2 20oz bottle of water
3 Gu's
3 Honey Stinger Waffles

1 Gu
Supposed aid station right outside of transition was not there, so no agua to wash it down with

There was an aid station at each mile. I alternated what I would do at each station. I would do 2 cups of Heed at one and then 2 cups of water and a Gu or some Chomps at the next. I also took advantage of the ice they were handing out to cool my body down with.

1 IV
1 Wendy's Frosty

Finally, New Orleans!! Just a note, I have been to New Orleans once before, and pretty recently too, so I didn't do very much picture taking as I already have a bunch from my last trip. I was also there for a conference this time, so pictures wouldn't have been as exciting anyways. I'll put in the few pictures I have over the next couple of days, and then supplement with old pictures or Google pictures.

So I flew out Sunday morning. My boarding pass said that I was to leave at 10:30AM and arrive at 1PM. Not too bad. A 2 1/2 hour flight. I get on the plane and the pilot says that the approximate travel time is 3 1/2 hours. Crap. Forgot about the time change. Good thing I brought my Nook. Although, Pride & Prejudice is quite possibly the most boring book I've ever read and it doesn't end.

My friend, Aly, from undergrad and I decided to share a hotel room together and it just so happened that our flights got in around the same time. Her's was a little later than mine and she had checked luggage, so I enjoyed my first beignets of the trip while waiting for her.
These things are sooooo deadly
We took a taxi to the hotel to check in before doing some damage on Bourbon Street. We stayed at the Iberville Suites, which was only a block off of Canal Street and Bourbon Street (for those of you who sorta know your way around Nola). 

While we were still sober, we walked the mile over to the convention center to pick up our registration materials for the conference. Let me tell you, normally, walking 1 mile is NBD (no big deal), especially considering I run more than that 4 days a week, but it was HOT! And HUMID! The feels like temperature during the day never got below 100F until Wednesday, but that was only because it was cloudy...and the feels like temperature was still high 90's. It didn't even cool down that much at night. We would pray for even just a small breeze. I don't know how people live down there...especially fellow runners and triathletes. 

We dropped our stuff off back at the hotel and then went to Bourbon Street to look for some dinner. I got a bowl of gumbo and sweet potato fries and Aly got chicken fingers. She's what I would call a safe eater. She doesn't venture outside of her comfort zone very much, and her comfort zone is chicken tenders/nuggets. I couldn't even get her to try a beignet. Seriously, who doesn't like beignets?

After dinner we grabbed some hand grenades before checking out the scene on Bourbon Street.
Also very deadly...and over priced
If you've never been to New Orleans, there is no open container law. You can walk down the street sipping your bevi of choice, no problem. So the places that do sell drinks are more like walk up bars or drink stands. Just buy and go. We bought the hand grenades from a very jolly fellow. But I guess if your job consists of large amounts of alcohol and seeing topless women daily, I think any guy would be jolly doing it. Although, aside from the alarmingly large number of homeless people in New Orleans, the locals as a whole are very friendly. Its a nice change of pace from the Massholes in Boston. And not that the homeless aren't friendly either, but you can't even breath without being asked for money.

After walking up and down Bourbon Street a couple of times (and finally finishing our hand grenades), we went back to the hotel. You know its bad when bar employees starting yelling at you, "Hey, I've seen you walk by three times now. Come in and ride the mechanical bull!" That's when you know its time to call it a night.

Mellow Monday:
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Ali said...

100 degrees? No thank you!

That grenade bottle is such a cool memento from New Orleans. I'd love to visit the city at some point...

The Wanderer said...

I love beignets!! You wonder why I can't survive myrtle beach. Its been just as hot!

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