Nola Day 2

I had to get up early on Monday to go to a talk at the conference. The conference of which I speak is the National Athletic Training Association conference. I was at the convention center until about 11AM. I was planning on meeting up with Aly then for lunch around the convention center, but then I received a text from her saying she just woke up. So I headed back to meet up with her and we just had some Subway for lunch. They actually have seafood subs, so of course I had to indulge. We went back to the convention center afterwards for one more talk at to peruse the show floor.

During that time, I had received a voicemail from one of the jobs that I applied to saying that they wanted to interview me the next day (they were also in town for the conference). Finally! My first interview! Maybe now more people will start calling, because they're jealous and they know they really want me too.

That night, I attended the Boston University Alumni and Friends Party (yay for being both!). They had some New Orleans style appetizers like gator bites, buffalo wings and crab cakes. There was also free booze, but due to my impending interview, I stuck to two hurricanes. It was great seeing everybody again and meeting new people. I got back to the hotel around 10:30 that night to make sure I got my beauty sleep. While I was at my party, Aly was at her Texas State party. She invited me to come out with them after I left my party, but I explained to her that I didn't want to make a bad first impression by showing up to the interview hungover. She ended up staying out until 1AM. She's definitely my drunk half. Everyone thinks we are twins, but we're not even related.

Old picture...from my 22nd birthday
On a non-NOLA related note, the hubby and I started packing already. Our lease ends at the end of July, but with most of my potential jobs starting Aug. 1, we will likely move earlier. We want to get as much stuff packed as possible due to the unknown moving date. It never ceases to amaze me how you don't think you have much until you start packing it all and then all of a sudden its like "Where did all this crap come from?" We've also figured out a better way to go about moving too. As you all know, we live in Boston. When we first moved here, we had to park the moving truck in a meter spot (actually two spots) and the police told us that even though we were present with the truck all day and were actively moving stuff, we still had to feed both meters all day. It was a pain in the ass and expensive. Plus, we didn't want our belongings to be stolen, so we had one person stay with the truck at all times. It made for a really long day. One person would take a couple trips in, then the next person would go. Now that we have a storage space, it will be much easier. We are going to take as much stuff over to storage in the time leading up to the move. This way, we can drive the moving truck into the secured storage area and not worry about things being stolen. And even if one person does stay with the truck at all times, they have huge rolling carts, so even small people such as myself can move a lot in one trip.

Toss Up Tuesday:
I haven't heard this song in a while, but now I've heard it three times in one week. My parents were huge Eric Clapton fans when I was growing up, so I always feel a sense of nostalgia listening to them. And he has a house in a suburb of Columbus, OH. He's pretty much the best.
It wouldn't let me embed, but here's the link!


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